rob jefferies

Name - Rob Jefferies

Year of birth - 1968

Main cycling activities (TT, cyclo-cross, track etc) Track was my main thing until I moved to Dorset. Now I do a bit of everything.

Hobbies outside of cycling (knitting etc) – sewing, origami, patchwork and visiting cathedrals and art galleries.

Best cycling moment – Either winning my first national medal (Kierin 1993) or winning the West Thames 20K (B Wiggins 2nd). Winning the Southborough and District 10 in 1990 was pretty special as well (Q10/19, full field, etc, etc). The whole of 1996. Riding the Catford reliability trial in the poring rain just after I had brought a bike with full mudguards – bliss.

Worst cycling moment – the early morning lap of mountain mayhem last year pushing my mountain bike for an hour and half, thoroughly unpleasant.

Favorite food – hmmm food

Best excuse for poor performance – haven’t done enough training – it’s the only one. Having said that I did like Robert Millar’s one about boils.

Favorite music – Anything that comes up on the ipod

Training tip – Go bike riding, don’t worry about how fast you go just spend some time pedaling it’s great, or failing that, get Leighton to decide the route.

Carbon or Titanium? Carbon, Alloy, Steel, Titanium’s been a bit left behind.

Turbo or Road? What’s a turbo? Why are you asking about a bit of my car?

What have we missed? Family, partners, pets, obsessions? Mrs J and Miss J, luff ya! Maliki my cat never fails to scratch visitors who say they can befriend any cat.